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About the CES Service Port

The CES service needs an access port for inter-process communications. You can specify the port when you install CES on one or more servers. The default port is 52800. 

Note: You can change the CES service port later (see Changing the CES Service Port).

Consider the following guidelines when specifying the CES service port:

  • For simplicity, it is recommended to use the default port (52800).

  • Validate that the default port (52800) is not reserved for another process on any of the servers where CES will be installed.

  • Validate that the default port is respecting the IT regulations within your organization.

  • You can use any available port, but when you do not use the default value, you must modify the web.config file accordingly on all Front End servers (see Configuring Front-End Server Query Destination).

  • In the case of a multi-server Coveo Platform topology:
    • All Back-End Coveo servers must use the same port number.

    • Ensure that the port you selected is open in the firewall or network switches that are present between Coveo servers.