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Activating or Deactivating the Coveo Search Box in a SharePoint Site

Once you installed the Coveo search box on a SharePoint server (see Installing the Coveo Web Service, Search Box, and Search Interface into SharePoint), you can activate/deactivate the Coveo search box independently for each SharePoint site.

Note: SharePoint 2007/2010 offers a mechanism, called DelegateControl that allows administrator to replace controls displayed in SharePoint pages. The Microsoft search box and scope selector are in the same DelegateControl called SmallSearchInputBox. The Coveo installer deploys a feature called CoveoSearchBox to replace the Microsoft controls in the SmallSearchInputBox.

To activate or deactivate the Coveo search box in a SharePoint 2010 site

  1. Using a browser, access the SharePoint site into which you want to change the state of the Coveo search box.

  2. On the Site Actions menu, select Site Settings.

  3. In the Site Settings page, under Site Collection Administration, click Site collection features.

  4. In the Site Collection Administration > Features page, locate Coveo Site Collection Search, and then click the Activate or Deactivate button on the corresponding line.