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Alfresco Connector Features

This Coveo prototype connector for Alfresco systems allows users to search the default Alfresco documents.

Connector Features

The features of the Alfresco connector are:

Content Indexing
The connector can retrieve and index the following default Alfresco system entity types:
  • Documents
  • Records

Note: This prototype of the connector does not support live indexing or pause/resume indexing.

Fully Supported Security Model
The connector fully supports the Alfresco security model. This means that, in the Coveo search interface, a user searching Alfresco content only sees the content to which he has access in the Alfresco system.
Note: In this prototype connector, the mapping between Windows users and Alfresco users works only when both have the same login name.
Out-of-the-Box Configuration
The connector is ready to operate with minimal configuration.