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Configuring a Hub to Show a Drop-Down List for Overflowing Search Interface Links

In a hub, search interface links appear side-by-side on the top menu. When a hub contains a large number of search interface links or when the search interface names are long, the links may not all fit within the width of the page.

As a Coveo administrator, you can configure the hub to show a fixed number of search interfaces links on the top menu. Overflowing search interface links will then automatically appear in a drop-down list.

To configure a hub to show a drop-down list for overflowing search interface links

  1. Access the Interface Editor (see Opening the Interface Editor).

  2. In the Interface Editor, select Search Hubs > Features.
  3. In the navigation panel on the left, select General.

  4. Under Basic Configuration, in the Top Menu Visible Interfaces field, enter the maximum number of search interface links to appear on the top menu.

    Example: When a hub contains 10 search interfaces and the links of three of them do not fit within the page width, enter 7. The last three search interface links will appear in a drop-down box.

  5. Click Apply.