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Converting a CES 5 Index to CES 6

Once CES is installed, you must create an index. This topic describes how to create a CES 6 index by converting an existing CES 5 index.

Note: The following procedure can only be performed at the end of the CES installation process on the Master server where the existing CES 5 index resides.

To convert a CES 5 index to CES 6

  1. At the end of the CES installation, the Administration Tool is automatically launched. If you did not create the index following the CES installation, restart the Administration Tool (Windows Start menu > All Programs > Coveo Enterprise Search 6 > Administration Tool).

    The Create index page appears.

  2. Under Index Creation, select Convert an existing CES 5 index configuration.

  3. Under Conversion Parameters:

    1. In CES 5 Index Folder, enter the path for the existing CES 5 index on this server.

    2. In CES 6 Index Folder, use the default path (C:\CES6) or enter a new path where the new CES 6 index will be created.

      Important: The index performance is better when the index is created on a disk other than the one where the operating system and the swap files reside.

  4. Ensure that the CES service for CES 5 is not running on the server.
  5. Click Apply Changes and Create Index.

    CES displays a success message.

  6. Click Manage the Index.

    The Enter License Code page from the Administration Tool appears (see Entering a New License Code).