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Creating a Database in Microsoft SQL Server

You may need to create a database in a Microsoft SQL Server, for example to create the database needed for the Coveo Analytics module.

To create a database in Microsoft SQL Server 2008

  1. Connect to the Microsoft SQL Server computer using an administrator account.

  2. Start Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (on the Windows taskbar, select Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 > SQL Server Management Studio).

  3. In the Connect to Server dialog box:

    1. In Server type, select Database Engine.

    2. In Server name, type or select the name of your SQL server instance in the form <hostname>\<SQL_instance_name>.

      Example: On a server named MySQLserver, when using SQL Express with the default instance name, enter MySQLserver\sqlexpress.

    3. In Authentication, select Windows Authentication.

    4. Click Connect.

  4. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, in the Object Explorer, right-click on Databases, and then select New Database in the contextual menu.

  5. In the New Database dialog box, in Database name, enter the desired database name, and then click OK.

    Example: In the case of the Analytics Module, enter the default Analytics database name: CoveoAnalytics.

    You can use a different Analytics database name, but you will need to specify this name in the Web.config file. Also, before running the database creation script, you will need to edit the first line of the database creation script to replace the default database name with the name you selected.