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Sitecore Legacy Connector

The legacy connector for Sitecore allows users to index Sitecore CMS content as well as Sitecore Web and Master content. All the site items, the referenced media library items, and security elements can be indexed.

The content of this section is also available in PDF format for download:

Sitecore Legacy Connector Guide

Note: This section describes the legacy connector for Sitecore. Consider rather using the Sitecore 2nd generation connector as it is more recent and offers improvements (see Sitecore Connector).


Supported Sitecore content
  • All the site items
  • Referenced media library items
  • Security elements
Site item metadata indexing
CES can index Sitecore metadata to allow the Coveo administrator to create facets, custom fields, sorting, and group by, based on this metadata (see About Sitecore Metadata with the Legacy Connector and Defining a Sitecore Mapping File for the Legacy Connector).
Media library item indexing
CES can index the complete media library of Sitecore including files such as images, PDF, and other binary documents (see Include Media Library).
CES can index security permissions from the permission model of Sitecore (see Configuring a Sitecore Security Provider for the Legacy Connector and How CES Handles the Sitecore Permission Model with the Legacy Connector).
Live indexing
The connector periodically queries Sitecore for the latest changes, keeping the index content up-to-date (see Enabling Live Indexing on a Sitecore Database for the Legacy Connector).
Multilanguage support for items
CES can index the various language versions of an item, or optionally index the specific language version that is needed (see Languages).

What's Next?

Review the overview of the deployment process for this connector (see Sitecore Legacy Connector Deployment Overview).