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What Are Converters?

Converters are responsible for extracting content and properties from documents in order to add them to the index. Once a document is crawled by one of the Coveo connector, a converter must be used before the document can be added to the index.

CES comes with several native converters that extract the content and properties of the most popular document types, including MS Office files, PDF files, Web pages, etc (see Supported File Formats).

While the default conversion process normally suffices to handle most CES deployments, CES offers a rich development API to enhance and tweak the way documents are converted and indexed (see What Are the Conversion Phases?).

The Open Converter API offers the following advantages (see Open Converter API):

Remote Converters

It is possible to add remote main converters on different servers in order to distribute the converting process between CPUs and, therefore, speed up indexing (see How to Add a Remote Main Converter).