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What Information Is Displayed in the Content Tab?

The three sections of the Content tab (Index Content, Index Browser and Search) allow to find specific information about the structure of the index and the documents it contains.

Page Description

Index Content

Displays the tree structure of the master and mirror indexes. Collections can be expanded by clicking . Clicking an index (ex.: Default) displays its properties, clicking a collection displays the Sources and Collections page and clicking a source displays its Status page.


Index Browser

Displays the folders and documents contained in a source. The Collection and Source drop-down lists allow to display different sources. The Filter field allows to display only documents and folders containing certain expressions in their path. Finally, a drop-down list containing actions (refresh, rebuild, remove from index, etc.) can be used to modify single folders or documents.


Queries the Coveo index. By default, it displays a single field where free text and field queries can be entered using operators (optional). Advanced search fields are also available to compose complex queries without having to enter operators or field names (to display advanced search fields, click the Advanced Search link).