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Getting User Identities

User identity is an important part of security in CES. It is frequently required by connectors in order to authenticate remote systems. To retrieve the values of a user identity, use the properties of the CrawlingContext class (use the Context property of the CustomCrawler class):

This property returns a Boolean value that indicates whether or not there is a specific user identity set on the source. If it is True, the UserName and UserPassword will have values; else they will be empty and the identity of the user running CES should be used.
This property contains the name of the user to crawl with. This is typically in the form domain\username.
This is the password of the user to crawl with.

Example title:

private void Authenticate()
   if (Context.HasUserIdentity) {
       m_Connection.LogIn(Context.UserName, Context.UserPassword);

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