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How to Create a Preconversion Script

Creating a preconversion script implies creating a new script file (which is a basic text file) and adding code. This file can be created anywhere on the server; however the common location is in the Coveo index path (ex: C:\CES6\Scripts\). It is possible to create a new script file from scratch or copy and paste a preconversion script sample and modify it if necessary.

Two supported scripting languages are enabled in order to create a preconversion script: VBScript language (.vbs file) and JScript language (.js file). Note that the script file extension does not have to match its scripting language type.

To build a preconversion script, it is possible to use the following scripting objects:

  • PreConversion Object (IPreConversion Interface)
  • DocumentInfo Object (IDocumentInfo Interface)
  • Mutex Object (ICGLMutex Interface)

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