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Search Interface API Concept Overview

Coveo search interface is made of several modular ASP.NET controls that interact together in order to provide the Search UI. These controls are referenced in a set of user control files called skins (see About Search Interfaces and Skins). Using skins makes it easy to add, extend or remove functionalities from the interface, as this can usually be done by adding or removing a control from the skin.

The default Coveo search interface is made of more than a hundred separate controls that implement the different functionalities available to the user. The framework is fully extensible, meaning that it is possible to author your own controls, that integrate in the same manner in a custom search interface.

The following lists examples of search interface controls:

Control Description
Query Allows the user to enter the search keywords.
SearchButton Renders the button used to perform new searches.
ResultTitle, ResultExcerpt and ResultPrintableUri Output the title, excerpt and URI for each result (those are typically put in a repeated template).
Pager Allows users to browse the various result pages a query returns.
RefineByType Allows users to refine the query to a specific result type

All the interactions between the various controls making up the search interface are controlled by the SearchControl control (see About SearchControl and QueryControl).

The complete Coveo search interface can be added to any ASP.NET page by using a single special control called SearchInterface. This control loads the appropriate skin and settings into the page (see How to Load the Search Interface).