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Browser-Based Coveo Search on a Mobile Device

You can use the browser of your smartphone to access the Coveo search of your organization. The Coveo Platform automatically detects that you are using a small screen mobile device and returns results using the mobile search interface, optimized for small screens.

Note: The Coveo Platform returns results using the standard search interface for tablets mobile devices such as the iPad.

The following sections describe how to connect and how to use the Coveo search using the browser on a mobile device.

Opening the Coveo search interface

  1. On your mobile device, start the web browser.

  2. In the address bar, enter the URL for the Coveo search site of your organization. This address is most probably the same address as the one you use when you access the Coveo search from a computer.


  3. When you connect to a secure server (HTTPS), enter your username and password for the site.

    An initial Coveo search screen similar to the one shown in the following iPhone example appears.

Launching a search

Launch a search as described in the following iPhone example.

Select the search interface in which you wish to search.
Enter search terms.
Select Search.