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Coveo Mobile Application for BlackBerry

A Coveo Mobile application is available for BlackBerry smartphones. The advantages of the Coveo Mobile application over browser-based search are:

  • Access to the Coveo search directly from the BlackBerry home page.
  • One time only username and password typing after installing the Coveo Mobile application. All subsequent accesses to the search are granted automatically.
  • One key access to the Coveo search using a convenience key located on either side of the device, depending on the BlackBerry model.
  • Forward and reply to email messages within the Coveo Mobile application.
  • Navigation across search pages without affecting opened pages and/or sessions in the BlackBerry browser application.
  • More efficient scroll in the application than in the BlackBerry browser (version 4.5+):
    • No simulated mouse cursor or zoom in/out.
    • The trackball automatically moves the cursor to the next link on the search results list.


Note: The Coveo Mobile application supports BlackBerry OS version 3.1+, 4.2.1+, 5.2+, and 6.0+.

The installation of the Coveo Mobile application for BlackBerry is initiated by your Coveo administrator (see Installing and Configuring the Coveo Mobile Application for BlackBerry).