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Exporting Search Results to Microsoft Excel

You can export the results currently appearing in the search results page to a Microsoft Excel file format. This feature is useful when you want to save the results as a list and perform further operation on the data, or import the list of results in a database.

Note: The Export to Excel feature is optional and is available only when your Coveo administrator enables it for the specific search interface (see Activating Search Interface Options).

To export search results to the Microsoft Excel file format

  1. Perform the query for which you want to export the search results.

    The results appear in the search results page.

  2. At the right end of the search result title bar, in the Do more menu, select Export to Excel.

    The File Download dialog box appears.

  3. Click Open or Save to respectively directly open the file in Microsoft Excel or to open the Save As dialog box where you can select the file name and the destination folder.