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Installing and Configuring the Coveo Mobile Application for BlackBerry

The installation of the Coveo Mobile application for BlackBerry is initiated by your Coveo administrator. On your BlackBerry, the Coveo Mobile application is either already installed, or you will receive and email message that includes a link allowing you to download and install the application. If you do not have the Coveo Mobile application and have not received the email, contact your Coveo administrator.

To install and configure the Coveo Mobile application

  1. On your BlackBerry, open the email message containing the link for the installation of the Coveo Mobile application.

  2. In the email message, click the link to download and install the application.

    Note: The link is in the form http://[Coveo_Front-End_Site]/Coveo/Anonymous/AnonymousContent.aspx?k=bjad

    The Coveo Mobile application icon appears on your BlackBerry.


  3. Start the Coveo Mobile application.

  4. In the Connection Information screen that appears only the first time you start the application:

    1. In Server address, enter the URL of the Coveo search interface provided by your Coveo administrator in one of the following forms:

      • http://MyOrganizationCoveoServer
      • https://MyOrganizationCoveoServer

      The URL is most likely the same as the one you use when you access the Coveo search interface using a browser on your computer.

    2. In Username, enter your Windows username in the form [DomainName]\[username].

    3. In Password, enter your Windows password.

    4. Click OK.

What's Next?

You are ready to start using the Coveo Mobile application (see Searching with the Coveo Mobile Application for BlackBerry).