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About Sitecore Metadata with the Legacy Connector


Essentially, a Sitecore item is made of several metadata fields and values. A small subset of this metadata is mapped to CES custom and system fields in such a way that once combined together, they form a new document in the index.

You can select the Index the document's metadata Sitecore source check box to be able to perform free text queries against all available metadata (see Configuring and Indexing a Sitecore Source for the Legacy Connector). However, this approach does not allow sorting, filtering, or grouping by metadata fields. To do so, you must create a custom field in CES that maps to a specific metadata field from Sitecore (see Adding or Modifying Custom Fields). Then you will be able to sort, filter and group search results by this custom field.

The following list presents the basic metadata fields that exist for any Sitecore item.

Note: The field names are basically the concatenation of the _CESSC prefix and their Sitecore item property field name. Some of the available metadata fields are automatically mapped to CES system fields (shown as values enclosed between parentheses in the list).

  • _CESSCChildrenIDs

  • _CESSCContentPath

  • _CESSCCreated (sysaddeddate)

  • _CESSCCreatedBy

  • _CESSCDisplayName

  • _CESSCFriendlyUrl

  • _CESSCFullPath

  • _CESSCHasLayout


  • _CESSCIsContentItem

  • _CESSCIsFullyQualified

  • _CESSCIsMasterPart

  • _CESSCIsMediaItem

  • _CESSCKey

  • _CESSCLanguageName

  • _CESSCLanguages

  • _CESSCLanguageTitle

  • _CESSCLocker

  • _CESSCLongID

  • _CESSCMediaPath

  • _CESSCMediaUrl

  • _CESSCName

  • _CESSCParentID

  • _CESSCParentPath

  • _CESSCPath (sysuri)

  • _CESSCRevision

  • _CESSCServerBaseUrl

  • _CESSCTemplateID

  • _CESSCTemplateName

  • _CESSCUpdated (sysdate)

  • _CESSCUpdatedBy (sysauthorloginname)

  • _CESSCUri

  • _CESSCVersion

  • _CESSCWorkflowstate

Any other item field in Sitecore is available as a metadata field in CES and is also preceded by the _CESSC prefix. Reference type fields in Sitecore are also available as metadata fields in CES, with the distinction that their value contains the reference to the other item as a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier).

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