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About Incremental Refresh and Live Monitoring

Incremental refresh and live monitoring are efficient processes which allow connectors to continuously keep the index up-to-date with new, modified, or deleted documents in a source.

Most Coveo connectors support either of these features. A connector will not support incremental refresh or live monitoring when the API of the repository type does not provide calls that allow the implementation of these feature or when the connector is in a prototype or beta state.

Note: You must manually enable incremental refresh for each source (see Scheduling a Source Incremental Refresh) while live monitoring is activated by default when supported, but can be turned off manually (see Toggling Live Monitoring for a Source).

Incremental refresh

An incremental refresh makes the connector communicate with the repository at short intervals (ex.: every 5 minutes) to get new, modified, or deleted documents since the last incremental refresh run. With incremental refresh, source content changes must be pulled by the connector. Incremental refresh is supported by most connectors.

Note: In Coveo Platform versions prior to version 7, incremental refresh was named live indexing.

Live monitoring

Live monitoring registers repository events and immediately re-indexes new, modified, or deleted documents. With live monitoring, the connector listens to repository events. Source content changes are pushed to the connector by the repository. Live monitoring is however possible only with the File Connector and the Sitecore Connector, which requires it to monitor RabbitMQ (see Administering RabbitMQ - On-Premises).


  • Because live monitoring is dependent of events registered by the Microsoft Windows file system, it is possible that some modifications are overlooked, especially when numerous events occur at the same time (live monitoring can handle approximately 4,000 events per minute). For file sources, it is therefore recommended to keep a source refresh schedule (see Scheduling Source Refresh Actions).

  • Live monitoring cannot be enabled on a source whose address is a specific file (ex.: \\CoveoServer\HelpFiles\CESOnlineHelp.docx).

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