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About Near Real-Time Indexing

Near Real-Time Indexing (NRTI) is a feature that improves the index freshness, allowing Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) to make new documents searchable faster. More precisely, NRTI significantly reduces the index pipeline processing time, the time between when a new, modified, or deleted document is sent to the index by a crawler and when the document is searchable by end-users. When a Coveo server meets the requirements, enabling the NRTI feature easily reduces the index pipeline processing time by one order of magnitude (10 times shorter).

CES 7.0.7022+ (September 2014) NRTI is enabled by default for both new and existing indexes, but can be disabled/enabled from the Administration Tool (see Configuring Near Real-Time Indexing).

The index pipeline processing time may greatly vary depending on numerous factors such as the index size, the number of new documents to index at a given time, and the available resources on your Coveo Master and Mirror servers.

Examples: For a 40 million document index:

  • In a normal scenario where the Coveo server meets the requirements and crawlers send a normal flow of new documents to the index, the index pipeline processing time may be reduced from 30 minutes to less than 3 minutes, respectively without and with the NRTI feature.

  • In a worst case scenario where the Coveo server does not meet the requirements and large sources are rebuilt on top of a normal flow of new documents, the index pipeline processing time may be of a few days and enabling the NRTI feature will most likely not help because the server is lacking resources.

NRTI creates small temporary slices called subslices to receive new, changed, or deleted indexed documents. Because subslices are much smaller in size than a regular slice of a large index, their index pipeline processing is completed much faster, allowing to return queried documents they contain much faster.

NRTI applies to all sources of the index, improving the freshness of documents from all sources. NRTI fully supports tagging and collaborative rating, meaning that users can transparently tag or apply collaborative rating to documents that are available from subslices or normal ones. The subslice management is transparent to a Coveo administrator, subslices do not appear in the list of slices in the Administration Tool.

Feature History

CES version Monthly release Features
7.0.7022 September 2014 NRTI enabled by default
7.0.6942 August 2014 Addition of a NRTI Administration Tool configuration page [more]
7.0.6830 July 2014 General availability
7.0.6767 June 2014 Introduction in a beta version
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