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About the CES Service Port

The CES service needs an access port for inter-process communications. You can specify the port when you install CES on one or more servers. The default port is 52800. 

Note: You can also change the CES service port later (see Changing the CES Service Port).

Consider the following guidelines when specifying the CES service port:

  • For simplicity, it is recommended to use the default port (52800).

  • Validate that the default port (52800) is not reserved for another process on any of the servers where CES will be installed.

  • Validate that the default port is respecting the IT regulations within your organization.

  • You can use any available port, but when you do not use the default value, you must modify the web.config file accordingly on all Front End servers (see Configuring .NET Front-End Server Query Destination).

  • In the case of a multi-server Coveo Platform topology:

    • All Back-End Coveo servers must use the same port number.

    • Ensure that the port you selected is open in the firewall or network switches that are present between Coveo servers.

  • When two Coveo instances are installed on the same machine, like a CES 6.x and a CES 7.0, each instance must have a dedicated CES service port.

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