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About the Coveo Admin Service

Coveo Enterprise search comes with a SOAP administration service that can be used by other Coveo product (such as Coveo for Sitecore) to perform CES administration tasks on your CES instance.

The Coveo Admin Service is not installed by default when you install CES. You can however use the CES installer to install and set up or change the service security configuration (see Installing CES on the Master Server or Modifying, Repairing, or Uninstalling CES Components). It is highly recommended to secure the Coveo Admin Service. When installed, the Coveo Admin Service runs as a Windows service and is automatically started.

Validating That the Coveo Admin Service Is Running

You can validate that the Coveo Admin Service is running from the Windows Services manager.

You can also validate that the service is accessible (particularly when the service is secured) and at the same time review the WSDL of available functions using the following URL in a browser on your Coveo Master server: 


or, when the Coveo Admin Service is secured (recommended):


The WSDL is an XML document that looks like the following screen capture.

Note: When the Coveo Admin Service is secured (HTTPS):

  • The WSDL page will not be available if no certificate was configured. You must bind a certificate to the port, 443 by default (see Securing the Admin Service - Troubleshooting).

    When you use a self-signed certificate, the browser identifies the certificate as invalid or unsafe, but your browser should offer to accept the risks and see the WSDL.

  • When the standard HTTPS port 443 is used by another application on your Coveo Master server, you can change the port (see Securing the Admin Service - Troubleshooting).

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