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About the Coveo Diagnostic Tool

The Coveo Support team often needs detailed information on the state of your Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) server to be able to troubleshoot complex issues efficiently. The Coveo Diagnostic Tool is available to easily gather a complete set of files describing the current state of your Coveo environment. You can use the tool to help you gather a complete system status.

The Diagnostic Tool contains the following tabs:

System Status

The System Status tab generates an overview of the Coveo Enterprise Search 7 service and related processes (see Diagnostic Tool - System Status Tab).

Logs Coveo Diagnostic Tool 7.0.266+ (May 2018)

The Logs tab allows you to package different log types and send the logs to Coveo Support to help troubleshooting CES 7 issues.

Log4net/Log4cxx Coveo Diagnostic Tool 7.0.266+ (May 2018)

The Log4net/Log4cxx tab allows you to configure log4net and log4cxx logging for a specific period, and then send the resulted logs to Coveo Support (see Diagnostic Tool - Log4net/Log4cxx Tab).

Profiling Coveo Diagnostic Tool 7.0.266+ (May 2018)

The Profiling tab allows you to temporarily enable query or transaction profiling to gather information that can help Coveo Support identify the cause of slower query performances (see Diagnostic Tool - Profiling Tab).

Dumps Coveo Diagnostic Tool 7.0.156+ (August 2017)

The Dumps tab lists the history of generated dumps on your CES 7 servers and allows you to manage dumps and related notifications (see Diagnostic Tool - Dumps Tab).

Service Health Coveo Diagnostic Tool 7.0.266+ (May 2018)

The Service Health allows you to monitor the CES Administration Tool responsiveness and ensure the IIS application pool running CES 7 is configured properly (see Diagnostic Tool - Service Health Tab).

Are You Ready for Coveo Cloud

The Are You Ready for Coveo Cloud tab compatibility test helps the Coveo Product team determine whether the new Coveo Cloud offering would fully supports your on-premises setup (see Diagnostic Tool - Are You Ready for Coveo Cloud Tab).

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