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About the Coveo Search Web Service

The Coveo Platform 7.0 comes with a SOAP Search Web Service that can be used to perform searches from custom search interfaces using Java, Python, .Net, or C++. The Coveo Search Web Service is accessible from the Coveo Master and Mirror servers by default on port 52810. You can configure the service independently for each server (see Configuring the Search Web Service for a Mirror).

You can specify a different port when you create or import the index (see Creating a New Index or Importing an Existing CES 6 Index Configuration) . You can also enable/disable and configure the Search Web Service independently for each mirror (see Configuring the Search Web Service for a Mirror).

You can get the list of supported Coveo Search Web Service versions using the following URL form: 


You can get the Search Web Service function descriptions in a Web Service Description Language (WSDL) form using the following URL: 


Example: When your Coveo server hostname is Coveo7 and the Search Web Service version you want to use is 7.0.14, the URL is:


Note: For more information, refer to our developer documentation: 

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