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About the Enhanced Quick View

The Coveo Platform has always included a Quick View feature. At indexing time, an HTML version of each indexed document can be created and included in the index to allow end users to preview the content of a search result without having to open its associated application (see What Is a Quick View? and Using the Quick View).

The original Quick View is a simple HTML version of indexed documents that has low impact on index size and indexing performance and still allows end users to quickly locate searched terms in the document, find the information they are looking for, or validate that this is the document they are looking for. When the document contains images or is graphically rich, the original Quick View may not be a visually representative version of the original document.

The purpose of the enhanced Quick View is to provide an accurate representation of documents in their original form, including their layout, images, and formatting. The original Quick View remains available and is used as a fallback option when the enhanced Quick View generation fails for a given document.

The enhanced Quick View uses LibreOffice and PDF2HTMLEx third-party software to create more accurate representations of documents in various file formats. LibreOffice converts each document from its original format to PDF, and then PDF2HTMLEx converts the PDF to HTML (see Installing the Enhanced Quick View Components).

You can also use only LibreOffice to perform both the conversion from the original document format to PDF and from PDF to HTML. However, using PDF2HTMLEx to perform the PDF to HTML conversion generally produces better rendering.

Important: Creating an enhanced Quick View for a document requires significant server resources and adds a significant size to the index, particularly for graphically rich documents.

Be aware that using the enhanced Quick View can have the following impact:

  • Increases the index size by a factor of 2 to 5 if all indexed documents use the enhanced Quick View (up to a factor of 10 when all documents are graphically rich such as PowerPoint documents).

  • Increases time to index by a factor of 2 to 40 depending on the size and graphical content of documents.

  • Increases the time it takes to open the Quick View in the search interface proportionally to the file size.

  • PDF2HTMLEx does not officially support mobile devices and various issues such as performance ones can occur on some devices (see Mobile Devices).

It is therefore recommended to restrict the use of the enhanced Quick View to sources and document types for which it provides significant added value to your end users.

You can precisely control which file formats for which sources are converted with the original or the enhanced Quick View using one or more Document Type Sets assigned to one or more sources (see Enhanced Quick View Deployment Overview).

File formats supported by the enhanced Quick View:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)

  • Adobe PDF

  • Microsoft Visio (2000-2013)

  • Lotus Notes (for content indexed as RTF)

  • Rich Text Format Documents (RTF)

  • WordPerfect

Feature history

CES version Monthly release Features
7.0.6607 April 2014 Can now only use LibreOffice to perform the conversion from the original document directly to HTML.
7.0.6547 March 2014 Enhanced Quick View introduction in beta version
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