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About the Microsoft .NET Framework

The Microsoft .NET Framework is an integral Windows component that enables building and running software applications. It also includes ASP.NET, a technology for Web applications.

The Coveo Platform user interfaces (search interfaces, Administration Tool, Interface Editor, and Console) use the Microsoft .NET Framework (see Third-Party Software Requirement). The framework must therefore be installed on the Coveo server. The Coveo installers verify if the proper version of the Microsoft .NET Framework is installed on the server and installs it when it is missing.

Note: The Coveo installers however require that at least the .NET Framework 2 be available to operate. When it is missing, for example on fresh Windows server installations, you must manually install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 that includes the .NET Framework 2 (see the Microsoft page Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5), and then restart the installer.

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