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About the .NET Search Interface URL Shortener

Coveo .NET Front-End servers use the URL to exchange search interface parameters with the Coveo Back-End server. When several search parameters are needed, the number of characters in the URL increases.

Example: Dashboards such as Case Consoles or Account Consoles can produce very long URLs.

A long URL becomes a problem when it exceeds the 2083-character URL length limit of Internet Explorer. The browser truncates longer URLs, causing various types of errors.

The Coveo .NET Front-End servers support a URL shortener feature that overcomes this problem. The URL shortener stores the original URL parameters in a database, and rather passes a 24-character alphanumeric reference string to the browser.

Example: A more than 2083-character long original URL is reduced to the following shortened URL:


A shorter URL is also more elegant to share and can be included in a Tweet.

The Coveo .NET Search Interface URL shortener feature requirements are:

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