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About the Unused Parameter Warning Message in the CES Console

CES 7.0.7711+ (June 2015) A warning message appears in the CES Console (see Using the CES Console) when you build a source and one of the configured hidden parameter has an invalid name. The message looks like the following:

Parameter 'X' was configured on the source 'Y' but was not used by the connector. Consider removing it or fixing its name.

Possible cause

You add an hidden parameter in a source configuration page and make a typo in its name.

Example: You want to add the DiscoveryServiceUrl hidden parameter, but make a typo (DiscoveyServiceUrl) when configuring a Microsoft CRM Dynamics source (see Modifying Hidden Microsoft Dynamics CRM Source Parameters).

Possible solution

Correct the parameter's name or remove it, and then rebuild the source.

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