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Accessing the JavaScript Search Legacy Interface Editor for a Search API Hosted Page

Coveo Search API 8.0.457 (March 2015)

The Coveo Search API can host Coveo JavaScript Search pages (see Creating a Search API Hosted JavaScript Search Page). Once such a search page is available, authorized users can modify the page using the JavaScript Search Legacy Interface Editor.

To access the Legacy Interface Edit for a JavaScript Search page hosted in the Search API

  1. Ensure that the installed Coveo Search API version is 8.0.457 (March 2015 monthly release) or later (see Identifying the REST Search API Version).

    If you have an older version, download the latest Search API 8 version and update your server to this version.

  2. Using a browser, access a Search API hosted search page by entering the URL of the page.


    • When the Coveo Search API is deployed on a machine which hostname is search with the default port (8080), the URL to access the default search page URL could be:

    • When the browser currently runs on the server where the Coveo Search API is installed, you can use: 

    • To access a custom search page, simply add the page file name to the server URL:

  3. In the Interface Editor lower-right corner, click the Interface Editor menu button ().

    Note: If you do not see the Interface Editor menu button (), or nothing happens when clicking it, you either do not have permissions to create or modify the search page or the installed Coveo Search API version is prior to version 8.0.457.

  4. When not already authenticated, in the browser login dialog box that appears, enter your credentials.

  5. In the Interface Editor menu, click Edit.

    The Interface Editor appears in a side panel on the right.

What's Next?

Learn what you can do with the JavaScript Search Interface Editor (see Making Basic JavaScript Search Page Customization With the Interface Editor).

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