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Adding a Facet Field

You may need to control which fields are available to group on, so that you can use them to create facets in a .NET search interface (see Adding or Customizing a Facet With the .NET Interface Editor).

Some fields may contain more than one value for a given indexed document. You can set a field to be a Multi-value Facet to instruct CES to process multiple values independently.

Example: The syslanguage field is set to be a Multi-value Facet by default. When a document contains both English and Romanian content, in the Language facet, the document is included in the number of occurrences for both the English and Romanian facet items.

If @syslanguage was not set to be a Multi-value Facet, in the Language facet, the document occurrence would appear in the English;Romanian facet item, because the values of the field would be considered inseparable.

Note: CES only recognizes field values as independent when they are isolated by a value separator. The default separator (;) is used for all built-in fields. Other repositories such as databases or in-house applications can use different separators—refer to the documentation provided with the repository.

To add a facet field

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. Select Configuration > Fields.

  3. In the panel on the left, select the field set containing the field for which you want to control the availability to group on.

  4. In the page that appears:

    1. Select the Facet check box for field that you want to use to group on.

      Note: Review the Metadata Name column to identify the original metadata from which the field value is extracted.

    2. Select the Multi-value Facet check box for fields that CES must considered as containing multiple independent values.

    3. Click Apply changes.

What's Next?

  • CES 7.0.6942– (August 2014) When you make an existing field a facet field, you must rebuild sources that are using a field set containing this field.

    CES 7.0.7022+ (September 2014) The index automatically processes the changes without a rebuild.

  • Using the .NET Interface Editor, create a custom facet using this new facet field to help end-users refine queries in a .NET search interface (see Adding or Customizing a Facet With the .NET Interface Editor).

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