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Adding a Field Alias Set

You can create field alias sets but only one field alias set is active on an index at a time (see Administration Tool - Field Aliases Menu).

Example: The default field aliases use English words. When most of your end-users are French speaking, you can create a field alias set with French aliases, and rather activate this field alias set on the index. Because you can only have one alias for a given field, you cannot create a multilingual field alias set.

To add a field alias set

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. Select Configuration > Field Aliases.

  3. In the Add Field Alias Sets page, click Add.

  4. In the Add Field Alias Set page:

    1. In the Name box, enter a name to identify the field alias set.

    2. In the Description box, enter a description of the field alias set.

    3. Click Save.

What's Next?

A newly created field alias set is a copy of the default field alias set. You must add, modify, or delete the field aliases it contains to customize it (see Managing Field Aliases).

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