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Adding a Per URI Setting With the .NET Interface Editor

Per URI settings allow to display different Coveo .NET Front-End search interfaces for a group of addresses even if their corresponding pages cannot be edited.

Example: In Microsoft SharePoint, pages corresponding to several sites can share the same .aspx file, and modifications to this file are applied to all sites. However, it is possible to display different .NET search interfaces within those pages by using per URI settings.

To add a per URI setting with the .NET Interface Editor

  1. Access the Coveo .NET Front-End Interface Editor (see Opening the .NET Interface Editor).

  2. Access the Per Uri Settings page (Miscellaneous > Per Uri Settings).

  3. Click Add New.

  4. Under Edit Per Uri Settings:

    1. In Uri Pattern, enter the addresses of the pages to replace, using wildcards characters (*?) when necessary.

    2. In Uri of the search page, enter the address of the appropriate search page.

    3. In the Name of Interface drop-down list, select the search interface to display.

    4. Click OK.

What's Next?

Add a .NET search interface to your hub and select the Overridable by Per Uri settings or query string arguments option (see Adding Search Interfaces to a Search Hub With the .NET Interface Editor

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