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Adding an Index Slice to the Master Server

Slices are parts of the index data located on separate physical disks. Their main purpose is to increase the available space to index more documents. Slices also contribute to speed up the indexing and querying processes, as they reside on separate disks on the Master server (see About Index Slices).

You need to add one index slice when the number of indexed document in the Default slice on the Master server has reached the limit for one slice. You can have up to two slices, including the original Default slice, on the Master server (see Coveo Platform Hardware and Software Requirements).

Note: When the two slices on your Master server are getting full, consider federating search on two or more Coveo instances (see About Geographically Distributed Indexing).

Note: The indexing process fills the slices in a distributed fashion. When you add one a slice, because the default slice is getting close to the limit, new documents will be added to the new slices until it reaches the number of documents contained in the default slice. The documents are then distributed evenly to the two slices.

To add an index slice to the Master server

Tip: Make sure your index is in Read-Write mode before adding a new slice (see To manually toggle between the read-write and read-only index modes). If you try to add a slice and the UI does not respond, your index is probably in Read-Only mode.

  1. On the Coveo Master and, if applicable, Mirror servers, add a hard disk of the necessary size to hold the index slice that you want to add (see Coveo Platform Hardware and Software Requirements).

    Important: When your Coveo server topology includes one or more Mirror servers, adding a slice on the Coveo Master server also adds the slice on all Mirror servers. You must therefore ensure that the necessary hard disks are available on the Mirror server(s) before continuing this procedure.

  2. On the Coveo Master server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  3. In the Administration Tool, select Index > Mirrors.

  4. In the Mirrors page, click Add Slice.

  5. In the Add Slice page that appears:

    1. In the Slice Name box, enter a name to identify the slice.

      Example: The original slice is called Default. When this is the first slice that you add, you can use Slice2. If you need to use all four slices on the Master server, you could then use Slice3 and Slice4 to name the other slices.

    2. In the Slice host for mirrors section, you configure where the slice is created for the Master server (the Default mirror). When your Coveo server topology includes one or more Mirror servers, you must also create the slice on the mirrors (ex.: CoveoMirror1 in the screen capture).

      1. Select Create a slice on a mirror server to create a slice on the Master server, and if applicable, on all Mirror servers.

      2. In the Index Folder box, enter the path of the folder that will contain the index files on the dedicated hard disk that you planned for this slice for the Master server, and if applicable, on all Mirror servers.

        Important: Each slice must reside on a dedicated hard disk (see Coveo Platform Hardware and Software Requirements). Adding a slice on a hard disk used by another slice defeats the purpose of a slice that is to distribute hard disk I/Os and improve performance for a large index.

        Note: On a Mirror server, the folder below [Drive]:\CES7\Index\ must not be Default. Rather use the Mirror server hostname.

        Example: For the Default mirror (on the Master server), when the original Default slice is on the D: drive and you installed an E: drive for the new slice, enter E:\CES7\Index\Default\Slice2.
        When your Coveo server topology includes a Mirror server named CoveoMirror1, you can replicate the folder structure of the Master server, but replace Default by the Mirror server hostname. Enter E:\CES7\Index\CoveoMirror1\Slice2.

        Note: The index folder can be moved later, but this task is not trivial (see Moving the Index to a Different Hard Disk Drive).

      3. Click Save.

      CES creates the Slice on the Master server and, if applicable, on the Mirror server(s).

  6. In the Slices page that appears, verify that a green check mark appears under Online, In Sync, and Updates for the new slice.

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