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Adding and Configuring a Language Set

The Coveo Platform supports many languages (see Supported Languages). The default language set that Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) uses to manage languages contains all supported languages. You can create one or more other language sets to specify languages to consider.

Example: You know that your index exclusively contains documents written in English and French and do not want CES to attempt to detect other languages. You can create a language set for these two languages and assign it to your sources.

Tip: When your indexed content includes non language expressions (such as databases with various technical content or programing code sample) it is a good practice to use a language set that only includes languages you know are present in indexed content. Otherwise some strings could be mistakenly detected as belonging to an unexpected foreign language, and this foreign language be added to the syslanguage field for the document containing the string. This unexpected language could appear in a Language facet.

To add and configure a language set

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. Select Configuration > Languages.

  3. In the Active Language Sets page:

    • To create a language set that initially includes all languages:

      1. Click Add.

      2. In the Add a Set of Active Languages page:

        1. In the Name box, enter a name for your new language set.

        2. In the Description box, optionally enter a description for your new language set to help you identify the purpose of the language set.

        3. Click Save.  

    • To start from an existing language set, select the check box for language set from which you want to start, and then click Duplicate.

  4. Back in the Active Language Sets page, click the newly created language set .

  5. In the Active Languages page for the selected language set:

    1. Select the check box of one or more languages for which you want to change the state.

    2. Click Enable or Disable to respectively add or remove the language from the set.

    3. When you are editing a duplicated language set, in the navigation panel on the right, click General, and then adapt the Name and Description for this new language set.

What's Next?

Assign the new language set to one or more sources (see Assigning a Language Set to a Source).

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