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Adding or Modifying a Security Provider

Security providers are authentication systems used by various systems. The security provider for Windows is Active Directory. Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) comes with three security providers by default (Active Directory, Custom and SharePoint). When your Coveo instance indexes repository types that use other security provider types and want to index their document security, you must configure a security provider for each repository type.

Note: Developers can also create custom security providers using the security provider API (see Security Provider API Home).

To add or modify a security provider

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. In the Administration Tool, select Configuration > Security.

  3. In the navigation panel on the left, click Security Providers.

  4. In the Security Providers page:

    1. To create a new security provider, click Add.

    2. To modify an existing security provider, in the Security Providers list, click the security provider that you want to modify.

  5. In the Modify Security Provider page, the parameters that appear change depending on the Security Provider Type that you select.

    Refer to the documentation of the appropriate connector for details (see Coveo Platform Connectors).

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