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Adding the Manage User Profiles Permission in Shared Service Rights

You must add the Manage user profiles to Shared Service Rights for the crawling account when you want to index SharePoint personal sites and user profiles. This procedure applies only to MOSS 2007 (SharePoint 2007).

To add the Manage user profiles permission to Shared Service Rights

  1. Access SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration (Windows Start menu > All Programs > Microsoft Office Server).

  2. Click Shared Services Administration.

  3. Click the shared service link hosting the user profiles and personal sites data.

  4. Click Personalization service permissions.

  5. Click Add Users/Groups.

  6. In the Add Users/Groups: Shared Service Rights page:

    1. In the Users/Groups text box, add the crawling account.

    2. In the Choose Permissions section, select the Manage user profiles check box.

    3. Click Save.

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