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The Details page displays information about Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) memory and disk usage. Moreover, it provides links to perform basic maintenance and customization processes. The following table describes each of its sections.

Section Description

System State

Indicates whether queries and indexing are enabled and whether the index is in read/write mode or read-only mode.

When queries are disabled, all CPU resources are available for indexing and vice versa. Therefore, disabling queries speeds up indexing and disabling indexing speeds up queries (see Disabling or Enabling Queries and Disabling or Enabling Indexing). It is recommended to disable indexing while you edit connector parameters.

When the index is in read-only mode, it cannot be modified but queries are enabled (see Toggling the Index Between the Read-Write and Read-Only Modes).

Note: It is possible to disable indexing or switch to read-only mode periodically using system schedules (see Modifying System Schedules).

Content Security

Allows to update the security cache and external security cache (see Refreshing Security Caches).

Service uptime

Indicates the time (in hours and minutes) elapsed since the CES Service has started.

Converter Memory Usage

Displays statistics about the memory use of local and remote converters (see Administration Tool - Converters Menu).

Mirrors and Slices Resource Usage

Displays statistics about the memory use of mirrors and slices (see Adding a Mirror Server and Adding an Index Slice to the Master Server).

Service Resource Usage

Displays statistics about memory and disk use—including the space taken by logs (see Administration Tool - Logs Tab).

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