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In the Coveo unified index, fields are containers of structured data extracted for each document from each repository. Each field provides a single type of information about a document.


  • When you index emails, the systo, sysfrom, and sysdate fields respectively indicate the recipients, author, and date of an email message.

  • When indexing Microsoft Word or PDF files from a file system, the systitle, sysauthor, and sysdate fields respectively indicate the title, author, and creation/modification date of the document.

  • When you index Salesforce content, the syssfaccount, syssfamount, and syssfcontact fields respectively indicate the account, amount, and contact associated with an sales opportunity.

By default, CES indexes common system and repository-specific fields (see Available System Fields). You can create custom fields sets (see Adding a Field Set) to which you add custom fields to include more business logic metadata into the index (see Adding or Modifying Custom Fields).

You can use fields to:

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