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Administration Tool - Index Browser Menu

The Index Browser page is a search interface that allows you to easily find and select indexed documents for which you want to find information or on which you want to apply actions. The Index Browser page is a useful and flexible index maintenance tool as it allows you to apply actions on a single document, on multiple selected documents, or on documents contained in one or more selected folders.

Tip: You can access the Index Browser from the source Status page by clicking [Details] under Number of Documents (see What Information Is Displayed in the Status Page?).

CES 7.0.6547+ (March 2014) Once in the Index Browser, you can conveniently navigate back to the source Status page by clicking the back to source icon and link.

Note: Because browsing the index can expose sensitive information, the Index Browser page is accessible only to a Coveo administrator that is a member of the System Administrator or Index Browser role (see About Administration Roles).

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