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The Index Content page is useful to easily review the structure of collections/sources in the local/remote indexes and the real-time state of remaining documents to be processed for each indexed element.

The Index Content page presents the indexes as expandable tree structures of the form:

  • Local Index

    • Master index (typically Default)

      • Collection

        • Source

    • Mirror index 1

      • Collection

        • Source

  • [Remote Index 1]


  • [Remote Index n]

The Index Content page presents the real-time status of each tree element as well as the number of documents that need to be processed.

Example: In the following capture, the local index has no mirrors and the SanFranciscoCoveoIndex remote index is listed but cannot be expanded because it is currently unavailable.

In the Index Content page, you can:

  • Expand master/mirror indexes as well as collections by clicking the icon.

  • Click a master/mirror index to display its property page (Index > Mirrors > General).

  • Click a collection to display its information page (Index > Sources and Collections).

  • Click a source to display its status page (Index > Sources and Collections > Status).

  • On the toolbar: 

    • Click Delete Index Content to delete all the indexed documents, but keep the index configuration (collections, sources, document types...).

    • Click Export to create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing the information available from the Index Content.

Note: A remote index running on a CES version different from that of the local Coveo instance appears in the Index Content page but you cannot expand it to review its details.

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