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Administrator Help

Administrator Help

Important: As of December 31, 2021, Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) version 7 will reach end of life and will no longer be supported by Coveo. We will continue to offer technical support to all active CES customers up until December 31, 2021. [more]

Watch the Indexing Pipeline Video

The process to access, crawl, retrieve, extract metadata and permissions, index, and make documents searchable involves Coveo concepts, features, and tools illustrated in this video using a manufacturing plant analogy.


The Coveo Platform is an information consolidation system composed of front-end and back-end services. On the back-end, the Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) service builds and maintains a unified index of contents from several systems and repositories within your organization. The Coveo administrator uses the Administration Tool to perform CES service related tasks. The CES service returns query results received from search interfaces.

On the front-end, the search interfaces and other specialized dashboards allow end-users to efficiently find information. The web-based search interfaces are made available through Microsoft IIS. The Coveo administrator uses the .NET Interface Editor to configure the .NET search interfaces.

Depending on the size of your Coveo implementation, both front-end and back-end Coveo services can reside on one server or can be deployed on several servers (see Coveo Scalability Model and Deployment).

This section contains information to help the Coveo administrator install, deploy, configure, manage, optimize, and migrate the Coveo Platform.

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