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Alfresco One Connector

CES 7.0.8225+ (March 2016)

Alfresco One is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform designed to store, share, and manage organization documents.

This Coveo connector for Alfresco One allows Coveo administrators to crawl and index the Alfresco content repository. The indexed content is then integrated into the Coveo unified index. The connector indexes all files and the attached permissions so that in the Coveo search interfaces, a user can easily find any but only content to which he has access in Alfresco One.

Note: The connector also supports Alfresco Community Edition, but not Alfresco Cloud Edition.

The content of this section is also available in PDF format for download:
Alfresco One Connector Guide

The features of the Alfresco One connector are:

Content Indexing

The connector can retrieve and index exclusively the following default Alfresco One content repository entity types:

  • Documents

  • Records

  • AlfescoFolders

    • Spaces

    • Sites

    • Folders

    • Categories

Note: Currently, only comments and likes on discussion forum topics are indexed, meaning that site, document library, document, and blog post comments and likes are ignored during the crawling process.

Fully Supported Security Model

The connector fully supports the Alfresco One security model. This means that, in the Coveo search interface, a user searching Alfresco One content only sees the content to which he has access in Alfresco One.

Incremental Refresh

Periodically queries the Alfresco One system for the latest items modifications (addition, edition, deletion), keeping the index content up-to-date.


  • Auditing must be enabled for indexed entities for the connector to be able to retrieve items modification (see Enabling Auditing in Alfresco).

  • When auditing is not enabled, incremental refreshes are performed as full refreshes.

What's Next?

Review the deployment process (see Alfresco One Connector Deployment Overview).

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