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Applying an Action on a Document From the Index Browser

From the Index Browser, you can easily apply an action to a unique indexed document (see Index Browser Available Actions). This feature is useful to independently treat an indexed document that requires maintenance.

Example: The director of a department of your organization identified an obsolete document that should no longer be found. You can locate the document and apply the Remove from Index and Add Exclusion Filter action on it.

To apply an action on a specific document from the Index Browser

  1. In the Index Browser, locate the document on which you want to apply an action (see Finding Documents Using the Index Browser).

  2. In the search results, click Actions below the search result for the document, and then select the desired action.

    Example: Add the document Modularization of XHTML as a Top Result (see Adding Top Results to a CES Index).

    Note: The list of available actions may vary depending on the type of source to which the document belongs.

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