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Applying an Action to a Mirror

The More Action drop-down list in the Mirrors page of the Administration Tool regroups actions which can be applied to mirrors.

Note: When an action is applied to a mirror, it is also applied to all its related slices.

To apply an action to a mirror

  1. On the Coveo Master server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. In the Administration Tool, select Index > Mirrors.

  3. In the Mirrors page.

    1. Select the check box for the mirror on which you want to apply an action.

    2. In the More Actions drop-down list, select the desired action.

      For more information concerning available actions on mirrors, refer to the following table.

      Action Description

      Immediately sends and commits pending transactions from the master to the mirror indexes. It is similar to the Commit Current Transaction button in the Overview page (Status > Overview), but applies to all the selected mirrors; whereas, the Commit Current Transaction button only applies to the main index. Because the content of pending transactions cannot be queried, the Synchronize action must be applied when mirrors are not In Sync.

      Important: At the end of a mirror server synchronization, the master server switches to read-only mode, and then returns to read-write mode. During the switch that lasts a few minutes, the search interface page is unavailable (queries are disabled). You must thus only synchronize your mirror servers in off-peak search periods.

      Note: CES 7.0.7183+ (November 2014) You can synchronize a mirror (other than the Default) even when its status is In Sync.

      Forcing a synchronization may be useful in rare cases such as when you need to isolate a mirror server for external reasons or when you realize your mirror server did not have the same access as the master server for the security cache updates.

      Cancel Synchronize Cancels the Synchronize action.

      Important: Synchronization must be re-established as soon as possible, because the content of pending transactions cannot be queried.

      Enable Queries Allows queries to be sent to the mirror indexes. Queries are accepted as long as the Disable Queries action is not applied.
      Disable Queries Cancels the Enable Queries action. It is recommended to disable queries when mirrors are not In Sync or updates are disabled, because, in these cases, the index content is not up-to-date.
      Enable Updates Allows updates to be sent to the mirror indexes. Updates are accepted as long as the Disable Updates action is not applied and the mirror is online.
      Disable Updates Cancels the Enable Updates action. It is recommended to disable updates when the master index is offline to prevent unnecessary connection attempts.

      The statuses of the mirrors are modified accordingly.

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