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Applying IFilters to Document Types

IFilters are third-party converters used by CES to index document types not supported by its default or open converters.

To apply an IFilter to a document type set

Note: IFilters must be applied to each document type set individually.

  1. On the Coveo Master server, download the desired IFilters from a source such as

  2. Install the IFilters on the server.

  3. Access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool) .

  4. Select Configuration > Document Types.

  5. In the Document Type Sets page, click the document type set for which you want to apply the IFilter to a document type.

  6. The Document Types page, click Load IFilter Mapping.

    All IFilters installed on the server are associated with their corresponding document type for this document type set.

    Note: You can remove IFilter mappings for this document type set by clicking Unload IFilter Mapping.

What's Next?

Ensure that the source containing the document types converted by the IFilters uses the document type set that you modified (see Modifying the Document Type Set Used by a Source) .

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