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Atlassian Confluence V2 Connector

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CES 7.0.8225+ (March 2016)

The second-generation (V2) Coveo connector for Atlassian Confluence (5.7.x to 6.9.1 on-premises installations and Cloud) allows Coveo administrators to index and integrate the content of Confluence Wiki sites and spaces into the Coveo unified index, making it easily searchable by end-users.

Note: For Atlassian Confluence 2.5.3 to 5.6.6 on-premises installations, you can use the first-generation connector for Confluence (see Atlassian Confluence Legacy Connector) .

The content of this section is also available in PDF format for download:
Confluence V2 Connector Guide

What's Next?

Review the steps to deploy the Confluence V2 connector (see Atlassian Confluence V2 Connector Deployment Overview).

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