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Atlassian Confluence V2 Connector Requirements

Your environment must meet the following requirements to be able to use the second-generation Coveo connector for Confluence:

  • CES 7.0.8225+ (March 2016)[more]

    The connector was introduced with the CES 7.0.8225 March 2016 release.

  • Coveo license for the Confluence V2 connector

    Your Coveo license must include support for the Confluence V2 connector to be able to use this connector (see About the Coveo License).

  • Supported Confluence versions:

    • Confluence 6.7 to 7.1 on-premises

      Installations using the Confluence REST API and Search REST API.

    • Confluence Cloud

      However, document permissions and incremental refresh are not supported, because it is not possible to install the required Coveo plugin in an Atlassian Cloud instance.

What's Next?

Enable the Confluence remote API needed by the Confluence V2 connector (see the Atlassian document Enabling the Remote API).

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