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Authorizing the Coveo Connector to Access Your Users Gmail Mailboxes

You must perform a G Suite domain-wide delegation of authority to authorize the Coveo connector to access the Gmail for Work content that you want to index.

To authorize the connector to access your users Gmail mailboxes

  1. Go to the Google Developers Console, and log in using a Google Account with administrator credentials.

  2. At the left of the Filter by name, ID or label input, click the drop-down menu, and then select the organization in which you want to create the Google Developer Console project.

  3. Create an API project for the Coveo connector (CES 7) or source (Coveo Cloud):

    Note: If you already have created a project for the Google Drive for Work connector (CES 7) or source (Coveo Cloud), you can click this Project name and go to step 4.

    1. In the Manage resources panel, click Create a project.

    2. (When your project limit is exceeded) In the Increase Project Limit page, click Request increase, and then complete the form.

    3. In the New Project dialog page, enter the project required information.

      1. Enter a Project name.

        Note: The project ID is automatically created based on the project name. You can always modify the project ID by clicking Edit.

      2. (When you create the first project in your organization only) Answer the Please email me updates regarding feature announcements, performance suggestions, feedback surveys and special offers. question using the Yes or No checkbox.

      3. (When you create the first project in your organization only) After you have read and agree to the Google Play Android Developer API Terms of Service, click the Yes check box.

      4. Click Create.

  4. Enable the required Google APIs.

    1. Access the API Library page by clicking Google APIs in the top menu.

    2. In the API Library page, enable the Gmail API and Admin SDK APIs:

      1. Under Google APIs, use the search box to search and select Gmail API or Admin SDK.

      2. In the Gmail API or Admin SDK page, in the action bar, click Enable.

      3. In the action bar, click the back button ().

      4. Repeat the procedure for the other API.

      Note: When you selected an existing Google Developer Console project, you can skip the rest of the procedure. You must now authorize the connector to access your Google Apps for Work (see Authorizing the Coveo Connector to Access Your Google Apps for Work).

  5. Create a service account project for the Coveo connector (CES 7) or source (Coveo Cloud).

    1. Access the Service accounts page:

      1. At the top of the sidebar on the left, click the Product & services icon ().

      2. In the sidebar on the left, hover IAM & Admin, and then click Service accounts.

    2. In the Service Accounts page, in the action bar, click Create service account.

    3. In the Create service account dialog box:

      1. If not already done, set a product name (e.g., Coveo Connector) that will appear on the consent screen by clicking Configure consent screen, providing the requested information, and then clicking Save.

        Note: The consent screen will appear when the application requests read access to the users' data.

      2. Enter a Service account name.

        Example: Coveo Connector

      3. (Optionally) Edit the Service account ID or generate another one by clicking the refresh icon .

        Note: The service account ID is automatically created based on the service account name.

      4. Click the Role drop-down list menu, and then select Service account > Service account admin.

      5. Select the Furnish a new private key checkbox, and then under Key type, select the P12 checkbox.

      6. Select the Enable G Suite Domain-wide Delegation checkbox.

      7. Click Create.

        Note: A private key is automatically downloaded as a Personal Information Exchange (.p12) file in your browser download folder.

    4. In the Service account created dialog box that appears, take note of the private key password, and then click Close

  6. (For CES 7 customers only) Using an administrator account, connect to your Coveo Master server, and then copy the downloaded private key [GUID]-privatekey.p12 file to a folder accessible to Coveo Enterprise Search, typically in the [Index_Path]\Config folder.

  7. Back in the Service Accounts page, on the service account row you just created, in the Options column, click View Client ID.

  8. In the Client ID Service account client page, take note of the following information that you will need later when configuring your Gmail for Work source: 

    • Client ID

    • Email address (under the Service account name)

  9. Ensure the Gmail API request limit is high enough to reduce throttling errors (GMAIL_THROTTLING_ERROR).

    1. Access the Gmail API page:

      1. In the top menu, click Google APIs.

      2. In the Dashboard page, in the enabled APIs table, click Gmail API.

    2. In the Gmail API page, select the Quotas tab.

    3. In the Quotas tab, ensure the Queries per 100 seconds per user limit is a high number such as 25,000 queries.

What's Next?

You must modify security parameters in your Google Apps account to grant the connector (CES 7) or source (Coveo Cloud) access to your Google Apps for Work (see Authorizing the Coveo Connector to Access Your Google Apps for Work).

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