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Backing Up the Index From the Administration Tool

A System Administrator can use the Index Backup section in the Administration Tool Welcome page to easily create index backups with the CES index backup feature (see About the Index Backup Feature). It is recommended to regularly back up your Coveo index to be able to efficiently restore it in a valid and up-to-date state following disruptive events. Creating index backups is particularly important for indexes with large sources that can take significant time and computer resources to rebuild from scratch.

Tip: You can automate backups with a job scheduling tool of your choice using PowerShell scripts (see Backing Up the Index With a PowerShell Script).

To back up the index from the Administration Tool

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. In the Administration Tool, select Support > Welcome.

  3. CES 7.0.7022+ (September 2014) In the Welcome page, in the Index Backup section:

    This section appears only if you have the System Administrator role (see About Administration Roles).

    1. In the Target Folder box, select or enter the existing full path where you want to save the backup. The backup operation creates a subfolder with a time stamped name to host the files of each backup.


      • Ensure that the index backup target disk has sufficient free space to store the backup files.  

        The backed up folder size will be smaller than the original index folder because log and temporary files are not included in the backup. When you chose to create a compressed backup, the target folder (ZIP files and a BackupInfo file) will be even smaller.

        Note: CES 7.0.6942– (August 2014) The compressed backup is contained in a single ZIP file.

      • CES 7.0.6942– (August 2014) The index backup feature does not create the Target Folder when it does not exist. A message similar to the following one appears in the CES Console and logs: 

        Cannot backup index: class CGLFile::AvailableDiskSpaceQueryException: An error occurred while querying the disk free space for [Target Folder]\CESBackup-CES-mm-dd-yyyy-hh-mm-ss.

    2. Next to Type, select the desired option (Compressed (recommended) or Uncompressed).

    3. Click Start Backup.

      Note: For large indexes, it is recommended to create backups during off-peak hours to prevent performance issues.

      The following Administration Tool page appears.

  4. You can monitor the creation of the backup files with Windows Explorer by inspecting the target folder in which a subfolder with a date stamp name in is created: 


    Note: If you ever need to cancel a backup, currently the only method is to stop and restart the CES service (see Starting the CES Service).

  5. CES 7.0.7022+ (September 2014) Back in the Welcome page, information such as the duration of the backup and its size appear above the Target Folder box.

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