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Basecamp Connector

CES 7.0.7914+ (October 2015)

The Coveo connector for Basecamp allows Coveo administrators to index and integrate the content of a Basecamp account into the Coveo unified index. The connector indexes all items from a Basecamp account so that in the Coveo search interfaces, a user can easily find Basecamp content.

The content of this section is also available in PDF format for download:
Basecamp Connector Guide


The Basecamp connector features are:

Content indexing

Extraction and indexing of the following Basecamp item types:

  • Account

  • Projects

  • Documents

  • Email forwards

  • Messages (standalone discussions)

  • To-do lists

  • Uploads (stand-alone files)

  • To-dos

  • Attachments

    Note: The connector also supports Google Docs attachments.

  • Comments

Note: Calendars and calendar events are not yet indexed.


The connector can run multiple threads, which can improve performances considerably.


When indexing Basecamp content, the connector can be paused and resumed.


  • The connector does not yet support Basecamp permissions.

    Important: In the Coveo search interface, a user searching Basecamp content could see content to which he has normally no access in Basecamp. Thus, it is currently highly recommended to only index Basecamp account with public content.

  • A full refresh is needed to retrieve the latest items modifications (addition, edition, deletion).

What's Next?

Review the steps to deploy the Basecamp connector (see Basecamp Connector Deployment Overview).