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Cannot Find SharePoint Documents


After configuring and building or refreshing a SharePoint source, you cannot find the SharePoint documents in the search interface.

In the CES logs, a message similar to the following one appears when the source and the security cache are refreshed:

Error while expanding group <Member name="Web Application Policy - Full Control" type="Group"><Info key="CrossSite" val="true"/><Info key="SiteURL" val="https://[Coveo_Server]/[User_Path]/"/></Member> (class CGLSharePoint::RemoteCallFailedException: Server was unable to process request. ---> Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.)

Possible cause

The user identity needed by the SharePoint Security Provider to crawl the SharePoint source is missing. When this is the case, the Security Provider cannot expand users and therefore cannot determine who can access SharePoint documents, so nobody can find the SharePoint documents in the search interface.


Assign an appropriate user identity to the Security Provider associated with the SharePoint source.

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